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The Living Cities Catalyst Fund III (“the Fund”) builds on Living Cities’ more than 15 years of impact investing in financial intermediaries and fund managers in both debt and equity capacities. Fund III follows two structured debt funds – the $38million Catalyst Fund, which fully repaid investors in 2021, and the $37million Blended Catalyst Fund, which is fully committed and half repaid – exploring innovative solutions to serve under-invested communities and close racial income and wealth gaps.

From the initial launch of Living Cities’ first fund, the Catalyst Fund, in 2008, and with the continued evolution of the impact investing thesis into its second fund, the Blended Catalyst Fund, this team has invested in innovative solutions to close the wealth and income gaps for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) populations. Now Catalyst Fund III builds on that momentum, by partnering with Known, and continuing on the path of innovative solutions and leveraging a private sector platform where it can scale and grow to actualize a shared vision of how the world should be.

About Living Cities 

Founded in 1991, Living Cities is a collaborative of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions. Living Cities fosters transformational relationships across sectors to connect those who are willing to do the hard work of closing racial income and wealth gaps. The organization partners with cross-sector leaders in cities across the country to imagine and create an America in which all people are economically secure, building wealth and living abundant, dignified, and connected lives. To learn more about Living Cities and its member institutions, visit 

About Known 

Known deploys, structures, and shifts capital in ways that are healthy for the planet and the people on it. Launched in 2021, Known is Black-, Indigenous-, Latinx- and Asian American-founded, and serves as a growth platform for the investment and sustainable growth of New Majority (also referred to as “BIPOC,” Black, Indigenous, People of Color) fund managers, financial advisors, bankers, and entrepreneurs. 

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Managing Partner

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Managing Director

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Senior Associate

Senior Associate

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