Capacity Building & Benchmarking For The Next Economy

There is no diversity or implicit bias training on the planet that will stop predatory models from perpetuating the cycle of inequities we see everywhere.  In order to fully participate in building the next economy, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI and all minoritized people of color must have OWNERSHIP in every piece of the machinery of finance and innovation. At Known Foundation, we enable and advocate for ownership. 


Thought leadership, research and industry benchmarking

Non-dilutive capital grants to build infrastructure and de-risk strategic investments

Capacity-building, education and senior executive training for the leaders of the Next Economy

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Celebrating One Year of

One year ago, we introduced ourselves to the world.

To fully realize the opportunity in the economy powered by the New Majority, we built a new kind of financial firm.

Known is here to shift ownership towards Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and the multi-trillion dollar economy we power…and we’re just getting started.