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Often the next generation of growth-minded leaders lack access to the same support today’s titans of industries benefited from — inhibiting their success. Known Circle aims to super-charge the growth of firms owned by underrepresented founders, providing what they need to build the wealth creation infrastructure to power and grow the next economy.

Known Circle™ members get access to industry-leading shared services (such as, accounting, taxes, technology, legal, compliance, commercial real estate, branding, public relations) that are often too expensive or otherwise inaccessible to small but growing independent businesses. Known Circle will give our members the same kind of support that spin-offs from larger firms enjoy, along with the infrastructure they provide.

Quite simply, access to Known Circle’s industry-leading services gives fund managers and financial services leaders the ability to grow, compete and thrive.

"Like the African proverb
that says to go far, you have
to go together, we know it takes community to survive. Add to that, robust infrastructure, and you have what it takes to thrive."

– Ushir Shah

Member Benefits

How we help you grow

Back Office Solutions

Circle has a roster of prequalified service providers ready to help you, so you can do what you do best, knowing that they have your back.

Branding & Marketing

It’s hard enough to compete with the big players. Known Circle can help you reach your customer with authenticity and the winning messages that build trust.

Connections & Access

Most of today’s industry leaders grew with the support of insiders. Circle brings you into a community of leaders who can help with access to capital, talent and opportunities.

Trusted Counsel

The biggest decisions are the hardest—and the loneliest. With decades of experience and wisdom, Known Circle Advisors support you in your critical decisions.

Media Inquiries

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31 Hudson Yards, 11th Foor
New York, NY 10001

31 Hudson Yards, 11th Foor
New York, NY 10001

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