Meet the Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Research Associate

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Co-Founder & President

Co-Founder, Chief Financial & Technology Officer

Project Operations Manager

Marketing & Communications Associate

Founding Advisors

Known was originally founded with the support, expert advisory and resources of this coalition of leading financial professionals, seasoned investors and deeply experienced operators committed to a global transition towards sustainability and fair distributions of wealth:

Kojo Ako-Asare - Known Holdings

Kojo Ako-Asare

Ibrahim AlHusseini

Ibrahim AlHusseini

Rania Batrice

Kat Cole

Deniese Davis

Jim Epstein

Judith Erwin - Known Holdings

Judith Erwin

Greg Gunn | Known Holdings Advisor

Greg Gunn

Eric Jacobsen - Known Holdings

Eric Jacobsen

Benjamin Kahrl - Known Advisor

Benjamin Kahrl

Shawn Landres - Known Holdings

Shawn Landres

Katie Longmyer - Known Holdings

Katie Longmyer

Kimberly Marshall - Known Holdings

Kimberly Marshall

Miguel McKelvey - Known Holdings

Miguel McKelvey

Valerie Mosley - KNOWN Holdings

Valerie Mosley

Natasha Müller - Known Holdings

Natasha Müller

Lisette Nieves

Lida Orzeck | Known Holdings Advisor

Lida Orzeck

Priya Parrish

Qiana Patterson - Known Holdings

Qiana Patterson

Andre Perry

Nikki Pieratos - Known Holdings

Nikki Pieratos

Michel Rojkind

Michel Rojkind

Joe Sanberg - Known Holdings

Joe Sanberg

Ambassador Shabazz - Known Holdings

Ambassador Shabazz

Rossie Turman III - Known Holdings

Rossie Turman III

Luz Urrutia - Known Holdings

Luz Urrutia

Denmark West - Known Holdings

Denmark West

Joy Gorman Wettels

Rostam Zafari - Known Holdings

Rostam Zafari