Known Supports Latin Ignition at New York Fashion Week

Known’s sponsorship of the Latin Ignition Show at this year’s New York Fashion Week is a testament to their commitment to representation and opportunity. During the interview, Molina Niño recounted a conversation with Consuelo Vanderbilt, entrepreneur and one of the driving forces behind the Latin Ignition show, highlighting the challenges faced by Latinx designers in the fashion industry. Nathalie explains, “Unless you are an established longtime brand… it’s very challenging to get traction at New York Fashion Week if you’re a Latinx designer.” Vanderbilt’s proposal to take over the historic Guggenheim Museum for the fashion show resonated deeply with Known’s ethos, which emphasizes making a significant, mainstream presence:

“We don’t want second fiddle, we don’t wanna be in a room on the side somewhere. If we’re going to show up, we’re gonna show up big.”

Molina Niño also stressed the importance of Latinx representation and influence, emphasizing that there should be a seat at the main table for the 60 million-plus Latinx people in the United States.

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