Known Co-founder Molina Niño Focuses on Wealth Gap

Serial entrepreneur Nathalie Molina Niño had spent the better part of two decades in the tech world when she came to the conclusion that investors are the ones running the show.

Having that power to invest and make changes led her in 2016 to start Brava Investments, a firm that backs women-owned businesses. More recently, she co-founded Known, an investment advisor that manages assets for families and endowments “in ways that are healthy for the planet and the people on it.” That includes a focus on closing the wealth gap, ideally putting more money in the control of BIPOC investors, Molina Niño said.

“My whole life, the big trajectory has been what is fair and what is just. Professionally, how that translates is that less than 2% of the world’s capital and assets is owned and controlled by 70% of the world — which is people of color,” she said. “When we say at Known that our priority is reducing and hopefully eliminating the wealth gap, that is where it is coming from, for me personally. It’s coming up with a model that allows us to participate in the capital markets that is fairer than what is currently happening.”

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