Insights and Ideas That Drive Change

What worked before may not work now. New approaches and new insights are needed to drive the change the world needs.

We explore, focus, and apply ideas to open capital markets to all communities. We challenge the finance industry to stretch into its full potential, to extend its models of funding and prioritize inclusion. And we explore new ways to curate and deploy capital that are expansive instead of exclusive.

Labs Spotlight

At Known Labs, through partnerships like the one with the team at Blk Grvty, we explore new ideas and create opportunities to grow the economy driven by the New Majority.

Blk Grvty marshals and deploys resources to normalize a world in which Black people and other people of color are wealthy and well.

As a Known Lab, Blk Grvty uncover actionable insights through research. They teach leaders how to be inclusive in their leadership, investments, products, and partnerships. They aggregate and deploy capital to investors and entrepreneurs from the New Majority.

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